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How to make order?

The general quotation method used is FOB quotation. The main contents of the quotation include: the quality grade of the product, the specification model of the product...
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How to make payment?

For payment we have 3way most: there have themself advantage and disadvantage each way
* Bank account
* Paypal...
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The paint safe for human body?

The surface of the colored wooden block is made of water-based paint, which is harmless to the
human body and does not pollute the environment...
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How much about the custom?

Keep in mind that in developing your unique product, there are many choices that can affect the final price. Therefore it is helpful if you have a budget in  mind that we...
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How to choose wine bottle holder?

1:Design and Style
Look for a wine holder with a design and style that vibes with your home decor. You can go for a classic truck ...
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How to custom sample?

1.Make the wooden model design
If you need to customize your own car model, first you have to give us your design. The design needs  detailed information...
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How to shipping?

Big order should shipping by sea,according the order quantity and custom’s requirement.
Shipping time ranges from
 25 to 40 days...
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Shipping information

Main route schedule
Departure port:Ningbo/Shanghai/Shenzhen
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I love that they have large slots and the back of the truck open up for easy access to a variety of treasures. We worked together for two months, from design to production, worth every effort...
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