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How To Custom Wooden Model

1:Make the model design

You have your own design, we can follow your design make your own model.If you interested our model, you can choose our style, then put your own logo on that. that is good for you build your own brand.

2: Confirm the details about model and choose packaging

Not only design, after design we need confirm with you color、size、material and choose packaging.

3: Make sample and
Final confirmation

When you receive sample, if sample you satisfied that will be perfect,if sample have some place need modify, you can let us know, so we can modify again, and send again. till that is perfect.

4:Move to order

PI and 30% deposit, and when goods finished we will take photo, video, and goods list details to you, before shipment send the balance payment.

5:Shipping by sea

When goods finished we will start booking ship. or you can booking ship by yourself, both workable. choose the cheapest shipping company save your cost.

Wooden Model

Our wooden model factory has been established for 15 years, specializing in custom wooden models of various types, including airplane models, car models, ship models, and more. Our factory boasts an experienced team of craftsmen with professional skills in woodworking and model making. They are well-versed in the production process and requirements of wooden models, enabling them to efficiently complete sample production and bulk order tasks. We have invested in advanced production equipment, including CNC engraving machines, laser machines, precision cutting equipment, and high-quality painting equipment. These devices enhance production efficiency and product quality, ensuring that each wooden model adheres to consistent high standards.
The choice of wood is crucial in the production process of wooden models. Different types of wood possess unique properties and characteristics that can impact the quality, appearance, and durability of the models. Commonly used woods include pine, oak, and beech. Pine exhibits a relatively even grain and soft texture, making it easy to process and carve, often used for crafting model components. Oak, on the other hand, offers higher density and hardness, ensuring durability and is suitable for parts requiring greater strength and stability. Beech, known for its hardness and density, is ideal for crafting small components and intricate carving work.In addition to wood, auxiliary materials and decorative elements are frequently employed in custom production of wooden models to enhance their decorative effects and functionality. Decorative elements may encompass detail parts, stickers, coatings, and more. Detail parts, such as wheels and wings, can enhance the model's realism and detail representation. Stickers can be used for labeling and decorative patterns, adding finesse to the model. Coatings can be applied for finishing and decoration, replicating the appearance of actual objects.
We have continually optimized and upgraded the production processes in our factory to ensure efficiency and consistency. From raw material preparation to final packaging, we meticulously control each step in an organized manner, ensuring smooth production processes and high-quality finished products. During batch production, our factory adheres to strict quality control procedures. Our quality inspectors conduct sampling inspections on each batch of products, comparing them with design drawings or confirmed samples to guarantee that each wooden model aligns with customer requirements and expectations. Our factory is equipped to meet large-scale order demands. Based on the scale and requirements of custom orders, we can reasonably schedule production plans and deliver products on time as agreed, ensuring customer satisfaction with our products and services.
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