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Good wood, good workmanship, no taste. The car is beautiful, feels good and smooth. Exquisite workmanship, no burrs and corners safely.
The quality of the car is very good and the feel is very good. The workmanship is exquisite, the wood is very environmentally friendly and healthy, and has a faint smell of logs. The wheels are very smooth and very good.
The quality is very good, pure wood, no smell, only natural wood fragrance.
Rich in color, the wood has no paint smell, and the edges are smooth and tidy, and will not scratch the hands.exquisite workmanship, I still like very satisfied, the wheels are very smooth, pure wood.
The packaging was changed during the production process. Thanks to the factory's cooperation, the delivery date was not delayed.
It was great to meet Stella, our client had no drawings, just ideas. The rcmount team helped us complete this important project. I absolutely love the way you work, it's crazy.
I already have all these products and a supplier makes them for me but I'm looking for other products and also other suppliers。It's great to meet you guys.
These are stunning and so perfect for truck obsessed boys. I love that they have large slots and the back of the truck open up for easy access to a variety of treasures. We worked together for two months, from design to production, worth every effort.Thanks...
It is perfect! Customer service was also phenomenal when we ran into a small shipping issue. He was very responsive and addressed the issue asap. Greatly appreciated!
I am in love with the products of this company. Quality, customer service is the greatest. I would like to come and visit the factory!
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