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How to make order ?

The general quotation method used is FOB quotation. The main contents of the quotation include: the quality grade of the product, the specification model of the product, whether the product has special packaging requirements, the quantity of the purchased product, the delivery time requirement, the transportation mode of the product, and the material of the product.

Checking sample
The customer provides the design draft and the factory produces the sample according to the design draft. After the customer confirms that the sample is correct, both parties sign the contract.

We mainly accept T/T payments, supplemented by L/C.

About T/T:30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment by sea or by air or express..

About L/C:The buyer first deposits the payment to the bank, and the bank opens a letter of credit to notify the seller of the foreign bank to transfer the bank to the seller. The seller delivers the goods according to the terms stipulated in the contract and the letter of credit, and the bank pays on behalf of the buyer.

Typical factory production cycles are 35-50 days. The specific circumstances need to be determined according to the factory machine arrangement.

About packaging
After production, you can choose the box packaging. If you don’t know how to choose the package, you can refer to the box and styrofoam packaging.

Usually submitted to the freight forwarding for booking.

Large orders are shipped by sea.

Smaller orders use express delivery ( DHL, FedEx, EMS, etc.).

Marine transportation insurance is generally divided into basic insurance (F.P.A, W.P.A, all risks) and additional insurance. Generally, all insurance is mainly insured. The specific insurance type is determined by the importer.

The basic link of customs clearance: Declaration -Inspection – Taxation -Release.

The customs clearance operation is the entity of customs clearance management, which is carried out at the two levels of customs clearance and direct customs inspection center, including logistics monitoring, electronic data declaration of customs declaration form, centralized examination order, order review/tax collection, inspection, Release and other operations.
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