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RCMOUNT wooden model manufacturer is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture and export of wooden model. factory with 15 years of experience, located in Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province. We specialize in the production of various wooden models, including cars, ships, airplanes, and more. Our production includes a wide range of models such as civilian series, military series, classical series, and more. After a period of research and experimentation, we have successfully combined these models with elements such as wine accessories, wine decanters, desktop organizers, and developed functional wooden model products such as wine decanter stands, wine bottle holders, and desktop storage racks.
Our factory has an experienced team of craftsmen who possess professional skills in woodworking and model making. They are familiar with the production process and requirements of wooden models and can efficiently complete sample production and batch production tasks. We have invested in advanced production equipment, including CNC engraving machines, laser machines, precision cutting equipment, and high-quality painting equipment. These devices improve production efficiency and product quality, ensuring that each wooden model meets high standards consistently.

We constantly optimize and upgrade the production process of our factory to ensure efficiency and consistency. From raw material preparation to final packaging, we strictly control each step in an organized manner, ensuring smooth production processes and high-quality finished products. During batch production, we implement strict quality control procedures. Our quality inspectors conduct sampling inspections of each batch of products, comparing them with design drawings or confirmed samples, to ensure that each wooden model meets the requirements and expectations of our customers. Our factory has the capacity to fulfill large-scale orders. Based on the scale and requirements of custom orders, we can arrange production schedules reasonably and deliver products on time as agreed, providing satisfactory products and services to each customer.

Which production step is the most important in the production process of wooden models? This is a question that our customers often ask us. We believe that each step in the production process of wooden models is crucial because each step influences the quality and appearance of the final product. However, if we were to choose the most important step, we consider the quality control step to be the most critical. If there is a problem in the quality control step, we take the following steps to address it:

1:Problem Identification: Our factory has a dedicated quality control team responsible for inspecting each batch of products. If any problems are identified during the inspection process, they are immediately flagged and recorded.

2:Problem Analysis: Once a problem is identified, we conduct a detailed analysis. We trace back to the step where the problem occurred and determine the root cause. This may involve communication and discussions with the manufacturing team to understand potential causes.

3:Emergency Measures: If the problem is confirmed to be a serious quality issue, we take immediate emergency measures. This may include halting production of related batches ofproducts and communicating with the customer to provide solutions and remedies.
4:Process Improvement: Once the problem is resolved, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the cause and take appropriate measures to improve the related production processes. This may involve providing employee training, improving equipment or processes, strengthening supervision, etc.

5:Customer Communication: For orders affected by quality issues, we promptly communicate with the customer, explaining the reasons for the problem, and providing reasonable solutions. We highly value customer satisfaction and strive to ensure that issues are properly resolved.

The evolution of our products is primarily driven by continuous market insights and reflection on customer feedback. We realized that producing traditional wooden models alone could no longer meet the functional demands of customers in the wooden model market, where there is an increasing demand for innovative and multi-functional products. By integrating wooden models with other elements, we have injected new vitality and attractiveness into traditional wooden model products. By incorporating elements such as wine accessories, wine decanters, and desktop organizers into traditional wooden models, we have achieved product evolution and innovation, receiving consistent praise from customers.
We have established partnerships with many production partners such as glass container factories and fabric decoration factories, which perfectly complement our ability to meet customers' requirements and standards for different model decorations.

We will continue to devote ourselves to developing new products and constantly improving the level of innovation in the field of wooden models to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. If you have only a photo of a model product or just a design idea and you need it to be produced, please contact us, and we can provide customized solutions. If you have budget constraints for completing an order, please reach out to us, and we will explore the most suitable solution for your needs and budget together. Our goal is to provide competitively priced customized wooden model products while ensuring your satisfaction and achieving cost savings.

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Sample Room

RCMOUNT specializes in bulk customization of wooden car models. We create unique models for customers, designing and modifying classic car models to meet their shape and functional needs for wooden car models.
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Production flow

Cutting and drying: First, you need to select materials and dry the wooden for subsequent processing.
The shape and color treatment: Cut, polish and paint the treated wooden.
Assembly: Assemble the processed wooden blocks and check if the surface of the product is smooth.
Inspection: Quality inspection of finished products to see if they meet production standards.
Packaging: Packing products of acceptable quality.
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A corner of the factory

RCMOUNT, with years of production experience and a professional international sales team, is dedicated to producing high-quality and intricately detailed wooden car models. Welcome to RCMOUNT.
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Whatever you need sample, price list, make design, wholesale business, and custom your own car model, all can send below email to us, we will reply you as soon as possible, except we are in Deepnight. other time we reply you within half hour.welcome to add our WeChat so that we can keep in touch at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do your factory do regarding quality control?

Quality is 1st priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling from raw material to shipping. 

Q2: Why should I place my order with your company and not any other suppliers?

(1)We are a wooden model manufacturer with more than ten years experience.
(2)The price of all products are the best. And the products have supreme quality.
(3)We offer the free sample.
(4)The product is available in many different materials.
(5)Delivery speed is fast and safe.

Q3: Can you send us samples?

Of course you can custom samples, they will be sent to you by Express DHL,FEDEX.But you need to pay for the proofing fee because the process is more complicated.

Q4:Do you accept customize?

Yes,we have our own factory, all products are customized.

Q5: What is your samples and orders delivery time?

Usually, the sample delivery time is 10-20 days, the orders is 35-50 days. The exact time depends on your quantity.

Q6:Can you print our logo or company name?

Yes, we could print your logo or company name on product. There are screen printing, heat transfer printing, gas sublimation printing and so on. We will choose the best one according to your design.

Q7: Do you have competitive price than other supplier?

Good price = good quality. Same quality, our price is much competitive than other suppliers.

Q8: How about the shipment?

For the goods we have in stock, we can delivery in 10 days after get your payment. For unnormal size, the production time between 30-50 days. It depends on the production situation.
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