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How much about the custom

Keep in mind that in developing your unique product, there are many choices that can affect the final price. Therefore it is helpful if you have a budget in mind that we can use as a starting point. There are a few distinct factors that influence the price:

– In general, the more you order, the greater the discount.

Dimensions – The size and weight of wooden model will greatly affect the price. The more materials you use, the higher the cost, so the price will increase accordingly.

Quality – We can choose from many different quality materials, which will greatly affect the price. The better the wood, the more expensive the price.

Details – Similar to quality differences, the more details, the more time it takes, and the same labor costs will be higher.

In addition to these four factors will affect the price, there are other factors that will affect the price, such as changes in exchange rates, changes in material prices. But we will try our best to give customers the best price.
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