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How to custom sample?

1.Make the wooden model design
If you need to customize your own car model, first you have to give us your design. The design needs detailed information, including the size, material, color, etc., and then we can let our engineers put your design. Become a real wooden model.

2.Confirm the details about the wooden model
After receiving your design, we will confirm with you every detail of the product, including:

Size: This is the most important detail. We need you to give the most accurate size.
Color: If you have chosen a color, it is the best. If you are not sure what color to choose, you can choose the color you want in the pantone color.
Material: You need to choose the kind of wood you need from a wide range of woods. Because different woods have different costs and qualities.

3.Choose the packaging
When model finished, you must need one packaging, it can be box, or Styrofoam packaging….

4.Make the sample
When all details confirmed we will start to make sample, make sample need 7-20days it depand on the models whether complicated or simple.

5.Send the sample
After the sample is finished, we will take a picture for you to see. After confirming that the sample is ok, we will send the sample by courier. This will take about 7-10 days.
After receiving the sample, if there is any dissatisfaction, we can make a second revision.
About the sample fee:
Stock Sample, generally we charge a express fee of 35-40USD.
Custom Sample, if the sample process is more complicated, sample fee and express fee, the charge will be higher.
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