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Custom Wooden Model Handicraft

RCMOUNT wooden model manufacturer is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture and export of wooden car model、airplane model、boat model. We can custom any style wooden model amd bottle holder with your own design. it including color, size, any shape, wood material, packaging box & bag, we are direct wooden model manufacturer, we will give our best price for you!

Wholesale Wooden Bottle Holder

We also have wholesale wooden model bottle holder business.All the car model we produce are made of high-quality wood. Commonly used include beech, pine, MDF wooden… Under strict quality control, it is made with special equipment and sophisticated technology we can support small bulk order. or mixed order, you can choose from our website that send email to us or add our WeChat:RCMOUNT to get more product information.

Custom Handmade Wooden Antique Truck Model Handicraft

RCMOUNT offer customized services tailored to our customers' needs, including personalized specifications in terms of size, color, design, and more. At RCMOUNT, we prioritize close collaboration with our customers, ensuring timely and effective communication. Our dedicated customer service team is professionally trained and always ready to address your inquiries and provide support.
Our products aren't just decorative items or mere models; they serve a multitude of purposes.

Whatever you need sample, price list, make design, wholesale business, and custom your own car model, all can send below email to us, we will reply you as soon as possible, except we are in Deepnight. other time we reply you within half hour.welcome to add our WeChat so that we can keep in touch at any time.


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wooden model car factory best supplier

Factory Direct Handicraft Models

Factory Direct Handicraft Models is completely transparent and offers you full access and visibility during the construction of your custom handicraft model.First,when it comes to making and confirming samples, we usually get those wrapped up in about 15 days or so, and then we'll ship them your way. Throughout the production process, we'll keep you in the loop with timely updates, sharing videos and photos related to the progress. And if you're up for it, we can hop on a video call anytime.

Once the goods are all done and dusted, our sales team will personally inspect the batch and provide you with a thorough inspection report. Of course, if you want to bring in a professional inspection company to check things out, we're totally on board and ready to cooperate with every check they need to make.No need to sweat the quality of the goods. We've been at this for a while now, and so far, we haven't had any customers complaining about the product quality. 

WeChat is available for download and free use worldwide, and in China, everyone uses WeChat for communication. Please download WeChat on your mobile phone and add our WeChat ID. This way, we can stay in touch and communicate with you at any time. We will use WeChat to send you updates on new products and showcase the production status of our factory wherever and whenever it's convenient for you. 


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Wooden Vintage Car Model

Custom wooden vintage classic car model crafts. Our wooden vintage classic car models are renowned for their realistic appearance and exquisite craftsmanship.
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Personalized Wooden Cars

RCMOUNT is thrilled to present personalized wooden car model series, catering to your desire for both uniqueness and bulk customization. Each wooden car model is meticulously crafted...
Wholesale Wooden Car Mode supplier

Wholesale Wooden Car Model

When customers require wholesale customized wooden car models, we offer various discounts. Depending on the complexity of the car models and the customer's purchase quantity...
Antique Vintage Truck Model

Antique Vintage Truck Model 

We're all about bulk customizing those classic wooden vintage truck models.RCMOUNT boasts years of experience in the production of car models, having manufactured numerous ...
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Bulk Custom Truck Model

Hey there! Our custom services cover a wide range of vehicle types, including trucks, classic cars, airplanes, and more. We offer wholesale clients flexible design options...
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Personalized Wooden Truck Model

RCMOUNT's personalized truck models feature interactive design elements such as opening doors and movable tires. Each customized truck model emphasizes the unique...

Why Choose Us

Contact us for more new product information.Welcome to add our WeChat so that we can keep in touch at any time.

Direct Manufacturer

We are wooden model manufacturer, we have custom wooden models and wholesale wooden models business. Choose us you will have good price and high quality from original factory.

Sample Fast Delivery

Before order most customer need make a sample, make sample we are fast enough, generally 7~15days, but if model complicated it will need more little time.

Fast Delivery

Not only fast in make sample, but also fast enough in goods production, we try our fast to keep goods finished as soon as possible, make sure customer can get product in time.

Quality Control

We have our own quality inspection team.

Fast Reply Email

Our sales team will respond to emails as soon as possible. Please add our WeChat and stay in touch at any time.

Good Price

Choose us you will have good price and high quality from original factory.

Safety Paint

We use water paint

Model Design

We have our own designer in model, If you have your own design we can make the model for you, if you want creat your own model, but you don’t have designer we can design that for you.

Wood Material Introduction

Introducing some commonly used woods

OAK Wood

The oak wood color is very beautiful oak wood mainly for the car model and airplane model, itfeels very good and very safe.
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Lotus Wood

Lotus wood is most commonly use for wooden model, the price is higher than pine and cheap than beech wood Lotus have high density, heavier even lines, and resistant to falling.
Learn more

Beech Wood

Beech wood has a uniform texture. and the cross section is a bit like rice, beech wood generally use in high quality model and other wooden model.price high a little than other wood.
Learn more

Pine Wood

The pine wood is lighter wood ,color little whiter, and the wood grain road is larger, and it is easier to crack than other wood materials. price is cheap than other wood model.
Learn more
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