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Bottle Holder

RCMOUNT customize bottle racks of various shapes for customers, primarily focusing on wooden model racks. We specialize in producing various wooden crafts such as wooden car models, airplane models, ship models, and more. To enhance the functionality and practicality of wooden models, we alter the structure and dimensions, breathing new life into what were previously purely decorative wooden craft models.
Many customers provide us with design patterns, dimensions of bottles, and detailed display requirements. Based on the design specifications and dimensions provided by customers, we design and plan the shape, size, and material selection for the model racks. We primarily use pine wood to create the model racks, tailoring the final model design based on the shape and size of the bottles to ensure sufficient strength and durability.
We manufacture solid wood model racks for bottles of various capacities, ranging from 100ml to 1000ml. These bottles contain various delicious beverages, such as Scottish whisky, vodka, gin, cognac, bourbon whiskey, and more, along with some bottles containing perfumes and essential oils of various scents. Through the perfect match with wooden model racks, these fine wines and perfumes become even more popular.
Wooden model bottle racks are ideal as gifts or collectibles and are favored by enthusiasts of wines and perfumes. We customize solid wood model bottle racks for businesses, various liquor brands, and perfume brands, and design logo and advertising positions at different locations on the models to meet corporate promotional needs.
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Professional Bottle Holder Manufacturer

custom tractor wine bottle holder

Tractor Wine Bottle Holder

Wholesale Custom Tractor Wine Bottle Holder. This pine wood wine bottle rack in the shape of a tractor combines rustic charm with practicality, making it an...
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RCMOUNT best bulk custom vintage car wine bottle holder factory

Vintage Car Wine Bottle Holder

Wholesale Custom Vintage Car Wine Bottle Holder. The design inspiration for the wine bottle rack is derived from the classic vintage car, with sleek lines reminiscent of an era long past...
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bulk custom train wine bottle holder

Train Wine Bottle Holder

Wholesale Custom Train Wine Bottle Holder. This classic vintage train locomotive pine wood wine bottle holder produced by RCMOUNT is an artful and practical piece of home decor...
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Engineering Vehicle Model Gin Bottle Holder

Engineering Vehicle Gin Bottle Holder

We specialize in bulk customization of the Construction Vehicle Series wooden models. RCMOUNT has chosen pine wood as the material for crafting the Construction Vehicle ...
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Handmade Wooden Model Antique Car

Antique Car Gin Bottle Holder

RCMOUNT specializes in bulk customization of wooden car models. We create unique models for customers, designing and modifying classic vintage car models to meet ...
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custom shaped bottle holder vintage wooden motorcycle with sidecar model

Bottle Holder Motorcycle With Sidecar

Wholesale Custom Wooden Vintage Motorcycle with Sidecar Bottle Rack. The motorcycle bottle rack is not just a practical household item but also an expression of personal...
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custom wooden forklift shaped bottle holder

Solid Wood Forklift Bottle Holder

Wooden forklift model bottle racks can hold bottles of wine or other beverage containers. Besides being a display rack, it not only accommodates bottles ...
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bulk custom wooden gondola boat shaped bottle holder

Gondola Boat Shaped Bottle Holder

The wooden gondola boat model bottle rack is a perfect desktop ornament and a countertop bottle display rack. We alter the structure and size of the boat model ...
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vintage wooden motorcycle wine bottle holder

Vintage Motorcycle Wine Bottle Holder

Wooden motorcycle bottle racks can accommodate wine or other beverages depending on the size of the bottle. Of course, it can also hold a 750ml bottle of wine...
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