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Wine Rack

The wooden model wine bottle rack is a unique and fascinating wine accessory that not only provides wine storage functionality but also adds decorative and display elements.
We are a professional wooden model craft factory specializing in customizing various European and American-style models such as vintage cars, trucks, airplanes, boats, motorcycles, and more. With an increasing number of customers interested in combining wooden models with wine culture, we have ventured into a new project of creating wooden model wine bottle racks. We aim to design new storage structures for these lifelike wooden models that not only securely store wine bottles but also showcase them as part of room or bar decor. Through thoughtful design and structure, each model wine bottle rack ensures the safe and stable storage of wine.
Clients can send design drawings or even provide a sample for us to work with. Through communication with the clients, we create precise models based on the shape and proportions of the chosen model. Then, our craftsmen carefully select high-quality wood and employ precision tools and techniques to shape the wood into the desired form. Throughout the manufacturing process, we pay close attention to details, such as replicating the intricate features of a truck-shaped wine bottle rack, including wheels, headlights, and the cargo compartment. For a helicopter-shaped wine bottle rack, we focus on replicating the features of rotors, fuselage, and tail wings. Each model is designed with designated spaces to securely and elegantly hold multiple wine bottles, providing convenience and practicality for wine enthusiasts.
The presence of wooden sculptural wine bottle racks adds a sense of ceremony and artistic flair to wine display. With our expertise in this field and strong manufacturing capabilities, we are confident in bringing more surprises and joy to wine enthusiasts.
Contact our RCMOUNT team today to discuss your significant wine rack project.
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Professional Wine Rack Manufacturer

Custom Vintage Wooden Aircraft Bottle Holder Wine Rack

Vintage Wooden Aircraft Wine Rack

RCMOUNT specializes in producing custom wooden aircraft wine racks with a focus on material diversity. We recommend various high-quality woods to our customers...
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Custom Wooden Helicopter Model Bottle Holder Wine Rack

Helicopter Model Wine Rack

RCMOUNT, with years of production experience and a professional international sales team, is dedicated to producing high-quality and intricately detailed ...
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Bulk Custom Wooden Helicopter Model Wine Rack Craft Desktop Ornament

Wooden Helicopter Wine Rack

Our wooden helicopter model craft desktop ornament is designed with inspiration from military helicopters. The innovative ideas from our designers have added new practical...
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custom wine bottle rack

Wholesale Wine Bottle Rack

Bulk custom wine bottle rack. Why should red wine be placed on its side on a wine bottle rack? RCMOUNT recommend you store it on its side, as this will help keep the cork wet and prevent...
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single wine bottle rack

Custom Single Wine Bottle Rack

We are manufacturers of single wine bottle rack. We specialize in customizing various styles of single wine bottle racks in the theme of truck models in bulk. Our truck model wine rack...
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tabletop wine rack manufacturer

Custom Tabletop Wine Rack

Customize tabletop wine rack ornaments. The truck model wine rack series produced by RCMOUNT is an ideal choice for retailers, distributors, and other wholesalers. Our wine...
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countertop wine rack

Custom Countertop Wine Rack

As a professional manufacturer of wooden car models, RCMOUNT provides wholesale services for handmade wooden car model wine racks worldwide. The Countertop Wine Rack...
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personalized wine rack

Custom Personalized Wine Rack

Customize personalized wine rack. The main distinction of the wooden truck wine racks produced by RCMOUNT lies in their unique truck-shaped design. Compared to traditional wine...
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wooden wine bottle rack

Custom Wooden Wine Bottle Rack

Bulk custom wooden wine bottle rack. The wooden wine bottle racks produced by RCMOUNT are not only used for storing wine but are also unique home decor pieces that...
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two bottle wine rack

Two Bottle Wine Rack

Wholesale two bottle wine rack,custom wooden school bus wine bottle holder. The vintage wooden truck-shaped wine rack is our highest production tabletop wine rack this year...
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double bottle wine rack

Double Bottle Wine Rack

Bulk custom double bottle wine rack. Wine bottles need to be slanted or placed horizontally on the rack to keep the cork moist. RCMOUNT, to meet the preferences of users who like ...
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tall single bottle wine rack

Vintage Pickup Truck Wine Rack

Customize tall single bottle wine rack. The wooden truck wine racks produced by RCMOUNT stand out from other wooden wine racks due to their unique truck-shaped...
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boat shaped wine rack

Boat Shaped Wine Rack

Wholesale customized boat shaped wine rack. The Mediterranean-style boat-shaped wine bottle rack is highly favored by purchasers among our wine rack productions. This boat-shaped...
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handmade wooden motorcycle wine bottle holder

Motorcycle Wine Bottle Holder

Wholesale customized wine bottle display rack. Our handmade wooden motorcycle wine bottle holder incorporate design elements from motorcycles, with meticulous detailing...
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miniature wine bottle rack

Miniature Wine Bottle Rack

Wholesale customized vintage pickup truck miniature wine bottle rack. The design inspiration for the handmade wooden pickup truck wine rack stems from the fusion of wine...
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wine rack supplier

Bull Wine Rack

Animal Wine Rack Supplier. A bamboo large bottle wine rack inspired by the shape of a bull. The wine bottle resting on the bull's horns not only provides stability and reliability but also...
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custom single wine bottle stand

Deer Wine Bottle Holder

Sturdy bamboo wood is the primary material we use to produce our animal series wine bottle stand. Our utilization of bamboo wood is a response and expression of ...
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single wine bottle holder manufacturer

Rabbit Wine Bottle Rack

The structure design of this wine bottle holder is simple yet clever, fully showcasing the designer's ingenuity. The rectangular wooden board at the bottom provides a sturdy foundation for the...
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custom animal wine rack

Bull Wine Bottle Holder

We have chosen bamboo wood as the material for crafting our animal series single-bottle wine racks. This bull-shaped single-bottle wine rack draws inspiration from the ancient and...
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wine bottle rack for sale

Wooden Wine Bottle Rack

This single bottle wine rack, produced by RCMOUNT, is simple yet practical. We have selected pine wood as our manufacturing material. Pine wood's warm texture...
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custom boat wine bottle holder

Boat Wine Bottle Holder

We have chosen pine wood as the primary material. Upon arrival at the factory, the raw materials must undergo steam sterilization treatment. The clear and natural wood grain of...
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