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Custom Ship Whiskey Decanter Set

Wholesale Custom Ship Whiskey Decanter. The design inspiration for RCMOUNT's ship decanter set comes from the combination of speedboat models and whiskey culture. We have chosen pine wood as the main material for the boat, which features a natural and beautiful wood grain texture. The speedboat model, crafted from a single piece of pine wood and meticulously polished, is sturdy and stable, ensuring longevity and balance when displayed at home. Near the stern of the boat, there is a fixture designed to secure the barrel-shaped whiskey decanter, ensuring its stability and safety. The pouring mouth on top of the barrel-shaped glass whiskey decanter is equipped with a sealing plug to ensure the preservation and quality of the liquor. Additionally, a faucet for dispensing the liquor is installed on one side of the decanter, extending out from the stern of the boat, facilitating easy access to the liquor for the taster. Finally, we have designed an area at the bow of the boat for placing whiskey glasses, providing added convenience for the taster.
The ship whiskey decanter set is a blend of artistry and practicality, offering a new tasting experience and visual sensation for whiskey enthusiasts. We offer a variety of boat-shaped whiskey decanters for customization. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our innovative whiskey decanter products.
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custom ship whiskey decanter

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custom ship whiskey decanter
custom ship whiskey decanter
custom ship whiskey decanter

Specification Features


Produc NameCustom Ship Whiskey Decanter Set
MaterialPine (Laser cutting, omnidirectional chamfering, fine polishing and sanding, smooth and fine, no burrs.)
Color:As your requirements(ex. BLACK BLUE GREEN PINK…)
Supply Ability:30000 SET/STES MONTH
Package1pcs/box ,other package as customer required
Payment:30% deposit,70% balance before shipment by air or express
Sample Time:7-10 days
Delivery Time:45-55 days
Quality Standard:EU and USA market standard

Features & Benefits

  • The use of environmentally friendly high-quality wood, carefully carved, polished smooth, non-toxic and tasteless, comfortable to the touch.

  • The color is even, the color is natural, and it is durable.

  • Laser cutting, omnidirectional chamfering, fine polishing and sanding, smooth and fine, no burrs.

  • Smooth wheels, no drag, smooth running.

  • Accepting Small-Batch Customization.

  • We'll provide design suggestions to enhance the functionality of your product, adding more selling points.

  • Secure and Reliable Packaging, Worry-Free Shipping.
  • Fast Delivery.
  • Find us at any time. (please add our WeChat ID: RCMOUNT)


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Production Flow

1-Cutting and drying: First, we need to select materials and dry the wooden for subsequent processing.
2-The shape and color treatment: Cut, polish and paint the treated wooden.
3-Assembly: Assemble the processed wooden blocks and check if the surface of the product is smooth.
4-Second spray painting
5-Inspection: Quality inspection of finished products to see if they meet production standards.
6-Packaging: Packing products of acceptable quality.
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1: Cardboard Packaging
Cardboard is typically recyclable and biodegradable, meeting environmental requirements. Additionally, cardboard is relatively lightweight, helping to reduce the overall packaging weight and lower transportation costs.

2: Styrofoam Packaging
Styrofoam boasts excellent cushioning properties, effectively absorbing and dispersing impact forces. Its sturdy material is less prone to damage, providing reliable protection for wooden models, glass products.
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