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Category: Wooden Holder

Wooden Decanter Stand

Wholesale Custom Wooden Decanter Stand. We have chosen this pine wood-made vintage pickup truck model as the base for the decanter stand. Installed in the middle of the pickup truck bed is the globe decanter stand...
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Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Wholesale Customized Personalized Whiskey Decanter. We have customized a batch of pine wood truck whiskey decanter set for our customers. The clear and natural wood grain of the pine wood showcases the unique...
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Car Whiskey Decanter Stand

Wholesale Custom Vintage Car Whiskey Decanter Stand. We are a manufacturer with years of experience in producing wooden car models. We are highly familiar with the styles, structures, and details of vintage car models...
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Tricycle Bottle Holder

Wholesale Custom Tricycle Bottle Holder. RCMOUNT has designed and produced this farm-use tricycle bottle holder based on the classic old-fashioned rural agricultural special three-wheel motorcycle prototype...
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Whiskey Decanter Globe

Wholesale custom whiskey decanter globe. We use pine wood to craft the stand for the globe decanter. Before the pine wood arrives at the factory, it undergoes steam sterilization treatment to provide safety and quality...
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Whiskey Decanter Ship Globe

Wholesale custom whiskey decanter ship globe. The ship-shaped decanter crafted by RCMOUNT is a unique and exquisite piece of art, blending the essence of woodworking with the culture of wine tasting...
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Wine Rack Supplier

Animal Wine Rack Supplier. A bamboo large bottle wine rack inspired by the shape of a bull. The wine bottle resting on the bull's horns not only provides stability and reliability but also showcases our craftsmanship...
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Single Wine Bottle Stand

Wholesale custom single wine bottle stand. Sturdy bamboo wood is the primary material we use to produce our animal series wine bottle stand. Our utilization of bamboo wood is a response and expression...
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Single Wine Bottle Holder

Wholesale custom single wine bottle holder. The structure design of this wine bottle holder is simple yet clever, fully showcasing the designer's ingenuity. The rectangular wooden board at the bottom provides a sturdy foundation...
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Animal Wine Rack

Wholesale Custom Animal Wine Rack. We have chosen bamboo wood as the material for crafting our animal series single-bottle wine racks. This bull-shaped single-bottle wine rack draws inspiration from the ancient...
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